Xbox Gold Free Codes

Rolling Out of Free Month of Xbox Live

For many, the Xbox Live Gold is their one way ticket to tone of the entertainment world’s social network with Xbox One and Xbox 360. The entertainment network of Xbox Live is powered by over 300,000 servers and runs to a maximum speed and performance.

Furthermore, the entire network is hosted through a cloud to eliminate lag and cheating. Others have found a better way of getting free month of Xbox Live, while still enjoying the perks of multi player gaming.

Getting your free month of Xbox Live

Try looking onto the website and to your delight you will see several sites offering a free month of Xbox Live gaming. Just follow the simple steps listed below:

1.) Visit the Xbox website and sign into your account.
2.) Click ‘My account’ in the top right located on the screen.
3.) Go into the ‘subscriptions area’ and you will find the ‘Get Gold Icon’.
4.) Hover and click onto get gold.
5.) There will be an option at the top for the free 1 month trial. Click that and follow the instructions that are written.

Since Microsoft has already rolled out a free month of Xbox Live to all their Xbox Live Gold users, everyone can’t get hold off the excitement that awaits the users. The free month free trial of Xbox Live lets its users catch up on many games that they’ve always wanted to play all along. With the growing number of free game titles on Xbox, games are free to download for a month which can be kept for the rest of their gaming experience.


Absolutely free 48 hour Xbox Live Codes

What every gamer wants is an Xbox Live codes free for 48 hours and beyond. But with the help of several online code generators in the internet, you can get free 48 hour Xbox Live codes whenever you want. All you have to do is complete the necessary steps or requirements such as answering surveys and the likes. So what are you waiting for? Look for a legit site and get free Xbox Live codes for free.

All gamers who have an Xbox Live card can absolutely benefit from these without any disgraceful catch. All they need to do is to be a member of the Xbox Live to be able to acquire multiple free games, codes and points.

Just so you can have a free 48 hour Xbox Live codes, just simply follow the steps below.

First, is to open an internet browser, preferably Internet Explorer with the app section that can be seen on the dashboard.

You will then have to click through all the options to purchase gold.

After such, you will be directed to a screen where there are different price options and a ‘No Thanks’ option. Choose and click it to get you get going with your free Xbox Live codes.

Wait for the confirmation and yes, you’ll get at least a free 48 hour Xbox Live code.

Get 48 hour free Xbox Live codes now!

If you have been using an Xbox 360 for quite some time now, but are too broke to pay for an Xbox Live code, don’t worry no more because you can easily get free Xbox Live 48 hours code instantly. Yes 48 hours might not be enough but getting it for free is absolutely a good catch. Almost free from 2 days of Xbox Live codes is better than getting to pay for them.

Written below are several free Xbox 48 hour Xbox Live codes:

1)-V67P2 6CM6X-GQTMB-77F2R-K2K7M


3) P7KKF-J7732-T36RV-XVYYV-Q4J6W

For other valid codes, listed below are several free 48 hour Xbox Live codes valid from the time of activation and can get one complimentary Xbox Live Gold trial, will be provided directly for your email address.

To activate your Xbox LIVE Gold 48-hour free trial follow the steps below. Go to step 4 if you already have an Xbox LIVE membership.

1. Connect Xbox 360 TM to a broadband internet connection.

2. Press the Xbox(R) Guide button, and in the Xbox 360 Dashboard, select Xbox LIVE.

3. Just follow the on-screen instructions and create your Xbox LIVE account.

4. Start signing in to Xbox LIVE from Xbox 360 Dashboard.

5. Choose Xbox LIVE Marketplace.

6. Select Redeem Prepaid Card or Promotional Code when prompted, enter your code, and enjoy!

When you get this, you’ll have an access to online multiplayer gaming with lots of benefits. Free 48-hour trial offer is only for use on Xbox 360 and only available for new Xbox Live Gold subscriptions in the United States. At the end of your 48-hour trial period, your subscription will default to the free Xbox Live Silver subscription, unless you elect to extend your Xbox Live Gold subscription.


Ways on How to Get Xbox Live Free Codes from the Web

If you’re looking for a free Xbox Live codes, then read below. You can now forget all the fake hacks and generators. Each day there are legitimate Xbox Live code generators that will provide you free codes. These codes are truly unique and absolutely valid.  Additionally, Xbox is among the top gaming devices in the current era. With its superb graphical performance and excellent title of games, it surely attracts millions of gamers around the world.

The world phenomenon of Xbox is not really new to multiple gamers. In fact, the gaming era started way back during the hay days of Microsoft. Throughout the years, Xbox has seen several changes that come in all kinds of gaming experience, from Xbox Live free codes to a gaming experience that gives users a one of a kind gaming.However, not all gaming enthusiasts get to have premium content all for free. Some are locked by Microsoft to earn big income. But if there’s a will, there’s always a way. There are Xbox Live free codes and points that can be redeemed and used absolutely free of charge. Xbox Live free codes use a unique algorithm and scripts that gets all gold codes in the internet using a powerful server.

Ways to harvest working codes and points through the internet

Harvesting the web.

Xbox live code generator manually spots different places in the internet where Microsoft releases its giveaways to the public. These internet code generator harvests algorithms to get new working codes and add them up to their database. These harvested codes are now ready for the gaming pubic to have Xbox Live free codes.Generating new free codes. While other code generators uses multiple algorithms and excellent servers, which are powerful enough to generate Xbox Live free codes that are working using several hash tables.

Online Manual Giveaways.

One of the easiest way to collect working codes and pointsfor Xbox Live is by manually collecting giveaways from the ‘Contact Us’ page of legit Xbox Live code generator and from other Xbox forums where Xbox Live free codes are given for free.

Get the best from your Xbox Live

Xbox Live is your entry to one of the most entertaining social gaming in the world. With your free Xbox Live membership, you can always have the luxury to enjoy Xbox multiplayer games. Remember, with your Xbox Live, you are not only having the best gaming experience, you also get to access other entertainment applications through the internet such as Internet Explorer and Skype. One can definitely benefit from the new and entirely reengineered gaming experience.

In addition, with your Xbox Live, you can feel relax and play freely with all sorts of games, listen to your favorite music and even watch television. Microsoft will find a perfect match for you and you are ready to go immediately. So, what are you waiting for,stop wasting your time and enjoy unlimited gaming experience with your Xbox Live free codes now!

How to get Xbox Live free games for the month of April

As of today, the Xbox Live game is arguably one of the best gaming set-ups in the entire world. Even before the emergence of other games, Microsoft’s Xbox Live have already a lot of offering to their customers. Many people have so may things to say on how to get Xbox Live free. And one thing to always consider, is that nothing in life is free. But wait! That saying was an old one. With the Xbox Live game, anyone can get it for free.Good news for all Xbox gamers because the long wait is over. If you are an avid Xbox Live gamer, wait no longer and get your hands ready for a new gaming experience. Microsoft will be doubling its number of free games for all its Xbox Live subscribers.

Every month, Microsoft has always  offered its customers free games. And for the month of April, Xbox Live gold members will  get six new games absolutely fre of any charge. Among the games that can be downloaded in the month of April is Pool Nation FX and Child of Light.These games will definitely be a treat for all gaming addicts out there. They will surely enjoy every bit of games offered by Xbox Live. From digging for precious items to craft with to chainsawing Locusts, everything will be a high pace for gamers.Furthermore, on the first week of April, Gears of War Judgement and Terraia will also be among the free games parading the Xbox Live members. On the third week of April, gaming enthusiasts will be delighted with the free downloads of Asassin’s Creed and the Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. These two free games seem to be so easy.

Additionally, the game of Child of Light and Pool of Nation is a sure hit for those who are rushing into the gaming centers and stores as soon as they discover the strategy on how to get the Xbox Live free.One thing to keep in mind, is to always check for new releases from Xbox. And be sure to grab all free Xbox games every time the month ends. For the month of March, games such as Rayman Origins, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite are amongst the top choices among avid gamers. Download as many games as you can because you can never have too many free games all at once.On how to get Xbox Live free games, it is made generally easy for everyone by making it available digitally. The free games of Xbox Live can be downloaded straight from your gaming consoles or can also be added to your games collection at any web browser. Gamers who do not have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you can still get free games every month.

Xbox Live gamers should not be surprised anymore of what Microsoft has offered free games with no charge. Even if Microsoft is facing a high competition from it’s  competitors, including Steam, Origin, GOG and the like, they still have taken over the top spot an have continually taken advantage of the market.

How To Get Xbox Live Gold For Free

For years, many are eager to know how to get Xbox live gold for free. The truth is, there is literally a very easy way to be able to get Xbox Live Gold free of charge. For everybody to know, the Xbox Live Gold costs for about $59.99 for a 12 month subscription. However, because of budgetary constraints, some are having a hard time in availing this gaming subscription. But like any other scenario, there is always a plan B for every situation. There is a way on how to get Xbox Live Gold for free!

Below is one option of making your Xbox gaming a free experience by using the Xbox Gold generator to get Xbox Live Gold for free.

Step 1. Go to Xbox Live Gold Generator download site.

Grab your laptop or go in front of your desktop and open an internet browser.

Step 2. Download Xbox Live Gold Generator.

Once in the website, click the Download button for you to install the XBox Live Gold generator program into your desktop computer.

Step 3. Launch the generator.

After the download of the generator is completed, open it and you will find the two important buttons – Generate and Exit.

Step 4. Generate your unique code.

Once you see the Generate button on the downloaded program, press it and you will find a pool of alphanumeric codes on the text field, just below the Generate and Exit buttons.

Step 5. Get your free code.

Copy the alphanumeric code generated on the text field, from the Xbox Live Gold Generator program.

Step 6. Redeem your free code by opening a new browser.

Open a new internet browser on your desktop computer or laptop. Type in on the address bar and press enter.

Step 7. Access your code.

Press on the Redeem Code button for you to access it. Just move over your mouse cursor to the Xbox Live Gold tab, which can be seen on top of the web page. Hover your mouse onto it and choose Redeem Code from the drop down menu.

Step 8. Submit your code.

On the Redeem Code page, press the Redeem Code. You’ll be then asked to enter the 25 alphanumeric code. Just type in the code you have generated previously on the text field. Be sure that you already have signed in to your Microsoft account to be able to proceed and get Xbox Live Gold for free.

Step 9. Redeem your free gold.

Press the Confirm button and a confirmation message will be shown on your desktop computer. This confirmation is seen to notify you that you have successfully redeemed your Xbox Live Gold code for free.

Step 10. You are ready for an awesome gaming session with Xbox.

The confirmation message is your sign that you are have successfully found a way on how to get Xbox Live Gold for free. So, get your head up and start your quest on the Xbox Live Gold games for free.

Xbox Live Gold Free Codes

Xbox is arguably one of the most famous gaming and console devices available around the world. With its superb graphical performance and various game titles, Xbox is indeed one of the greatest invention and innovation of all time. In addition, the addiction by millions of people into the Xbox games is not really new, it actually surround almost all aspects of people’s lives. It’s gaming era was started by technology giant, Microsoft. Since the release of the Xbox series, changes are inevitable, thus making players experience a more improved gaming experience each year.

However, others do not have access to all of Xbox’ premium content. But, there is always a better way for the not so rich Xbox enthusiasts. An Xbox Live Gold free codes can be accessed for a better gaming experience. There various sites that offer players a unique algorithm and script to get Xbox Live Gold free codes over the internet by just using your fast internet connection and desktop computer.

Step 1. Download the Xbox Live Code Generator.

To begin with, you need to download the Xbox Live Code Generator. However, beware of countless generators that are totally a scam overall. Look for virus free code generators and you’re all set to have your Xbox Live Gold free codes.

Step 2. Install the downloaded code generator.
Once download is complete, immediately install the Xbox Live Gold Code generator software. The installation usually takes up to 15 to 20 minutes compared to other generators which takes about an hour. So be extra patient, after all you’ll be rewarded with free codes.

Step 3. Run the generator program.

After the installation of the Xbox Live Gold code generator is successful,run the the generator program.

Step 4. Choose your kind of code.

There is a variety of code for you to choose depending on the kind you want. You will be prompted to choose from a free 1 month Xbox Live Gold codes, 3 months Xbox Live Gold codes or a free 12 months Xbox Live Gold codes. Whatever length of free code you choose, you are given a guarantee that it’s for a real gaming experience.

Step 5. Wait for the code.

When you have already decided on which type of Xbox Live Gold free code you want, press the redeem button and wait for the code generation for about one minute.

Step 6. Start your Xbox Live Gold free code encounter.

Get your gaming techniques and skills going and start enjoying your free Xbox Live Gold codes. Be sure to spread this site to share with your Xbox co-players.

Remember, that this Xbox Live Gold free code generator is absolutely legal and works efficiently. This code generator is using a unique algorithm to catch fresh Xbox codes and being checked to assure its validity. To get your Xbox Live Gold free codes, read the instructions above and you are up and running. Further, the code generator have powerful servers and algorithms to provide Xbox players a legit Xbox Live Gold code.

How to Process Xbox Live Redeem Code Free of Any Hassle

The easiest part of having an Xbox Live Gold is purchasing a code for your new game bundle. However, knowing where Xbox Live redeem code free of charge is a bit difficult. A quick read on the facts of processing Xbox Live code redemption is here for your perusal.

  • Xbox Live is considered by many gaming enthusiasts as a wonderful creation that has everything it can do. From online playing with friends and colleagues all around the world to providing game bundles, movie and music access and even game downloads, it has a lot to offer its users.
  • However, not all of those comes with the luxury of free access. One must be able to process Xbox Live redeem code free access. You need to overcome and pass through a series of Xbox Live codes before you can truly enjoy the wonders of magnificent gaming experience Xbox Live has to offer.
  • The process of getting an Xbox Live redeem code free of manually entering 25 alphanumeric keys isn’t that complex compared to other gaming services.

Easy Steps for your Xbox Live Redeem Code Free of Charge

  • Look for you Xbox Live code on the card or official receipt.
  • Turn on your Xbox 360.
  • Log in to your Xbox Live profile account.
  • Locate the Guide button on your Xbox 360 controller, which can be seen on the main screen.
  • Move the left thumbstick or D-pad to the Marketplace tab.
  • When in the Marketplace tab, choose Redeem Code.
  • Allow the code entry screen to pop up as well as the on screen keyboard.
  • Type in the 25 alphanumeric code to access the Xbox Live redeem code manually.
  • Double check the code manually and make sure that it is 100% correct.
  • Press the start button to continue your Xbox Live redeem code for free.
  • Wait for the redemption screen to pop up.
  • Select the Redeem Now from the redemption screen to confirm your Xbox Live code.
  • Click on the Continue button when you are downloading content, on order to allow the download and run on the background. However, choose Okay to continue, if you are adding points or subscription time to your own account.
  • Wait for the confirmation and you’re good to go. Start enjoying your Xbox Live purchase.

Xbox Live Microsoft Codes

When you use your Xbox Live codes to make purchases of other game applications and tools, it is regarded as one of the cheapest among others compared to purchasing using credit and debit cards or even using cash.

In addition, an Xbox Live redeem code free use is much easier when purchasing. Further, it enables users to freely access other play games created by other players. Literally, there are numerous websites which offer free XBox live redeem codes that are working perfectly.

Lastly, most of the websites that offer Xbox Live redeem codes free of any fee are guaranteed working on any country and can be redeemed easily without any hassle.

A Very Easy Way to Get Xbox Gold Membership Free

Are you among the thousands of online gaming enthusiasts who wants to get an Xbox Gold Membership Free access? Then you’ve landed on the perfect site. When you access free membership from Xbox Gold, you are able to unlock various features and specialties, including new weapons, maps and the awesome multiplayer games. Additionally, almost all the newest in-game unlocks are right before your eyes and just one click away. This will definitely save you lot of money and get your very own Xbox Gold Membership free from any time wasting surveys and questionnaires.

Xbox Gold New Account
Whenever someone starts to set up an amazing Xbox One or even an Xbox 360 console and creates a new account at Microsoft, you are entitled to numerous gaming opportunities, such as signing up for an Xbox Gold Membership Free access. Everything is really possible with this kind of membership, since all you need is a fast internet connection and you’ll be surprised how they provide their members valuable features.

Access to Prepaid Codes for Xbox Gold Membership Free Trial
In a gaming technology full of innovation and trends, there are games or console bundles which have a prepaid code inclusion for an Xbox Gold trial membership. Significantly, your gaming experience will start once the prepaid card is activated.

Free Access to HBO, Netflix and other Apps
Indeed, the year 2014 ended with a bang since they already provide their members an opportunity to freely access channel giant HBO, sports channel mogul ESPN, apps such as Netflix and over 180 other apps.

Further, coming into this year, they have continuously rolled out their global updates of valuable improvements for Xbox Gold member users.

Notable Changes in Xbox Gold Members
Change is truly inevitable. Nonetheless, the changes in Xbox Gold Membership free usage is on the positive side. The significant change includes an ability for the members to use the said apps for free. Literally, no purchase and payment for an Xbox Gold Membership is needed to use those apps. For Xbox One users, an enhance gaming and internet capability is offered since free access to Skype, OneGuide and OneDrive is absolutely accessible.

Although, this one great change from Microsoft is really having an impact, they are optimistic in attracting more members with this kind of guarantee. Unlike other competitors of Microsoft such as Apple, Roku and Sony, they still stand among the top when it comes to annual revenue generation.

Xbox Gold Membership Free Access is Simple
When trying to get an Xbox Gold Membership free access, simple steps can be followed. A simple link is located on the site, and just like any other player, you can easily get your membership with Xbox Gold.

In addition, once you are an active Xbox Gold member, multiple free games are available every month. Available and upcoming games to be included in Xbox Gold membership 2015 are Brother: Tale of Two Sons, Sniper Elite V2 and It Draws A Red Box (#IDARB).

So what are you waiting for? Get your gaming consoles ready for one hell of an action packed gaming experience with Xbox Gold Membership free games.