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Pleases help me!!

2017-12-18 21:20:17 in Xbox Free Codes Discussions by  Guest
Can i plz have a the codes I’m dying to get them
There's not enough drugs in this world to wipe my freckin past away

But if feels like just yesterday when I found out my mom just passed away

So much i still have to say but I passed up my only shot

Should of showed you I loved you but I was too busy smoking pot

To busy starting fights and arguments and breaking rules
Hanging out with the wrong group of people cause I thought it made me cool

Now I know I was a fool sorry being such a jerk
And now your dead and I can't take any of it back and now it makes it so much worse

I just wanna be able to wake up in the morning and pretend it doesn't hurt

On the day you died I wondered why the hell you had to go to work

Cause if you didn't you'd still be alive I'd be able to sleep at night

Why the hell would god take me from this planet and leave me behind

You love me, bents?, Monica ,Stacey and my damn brother

It bothers me knowing my children are never gonna meet there grandmother
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