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How to get Xbox Live free games for the month of April

2016-06-13 20:04:37 in Xbox Free Codes Discussions by  admin

As of today, the Xbox Live game is arguably one of the best gaming set-ups in the entire world. Even before the emergence of other games, Microsoft’s Xbox Live have already a lot of offering to their customers. Many people have so may things to say on how to get Xbox Live free. And one thing to always consider, is that nothing in life is free. But wait! That saying was an old one. With the Xbox Live game, anyone can get it for free.Good news for all Xbox gamers because the long wait is over. If you are an avid Xbox Live gamer, wait no longer and get your hands ready for a new gaming experience. Microsoft will be doubling its number of free games for all its Xbox Live subscribers.

Every month, Microsoft has always  offered its customers free games. And for the month of April, Xbox Live gold members will  get six new games absolutely fre of any charge. Among the games that can be downloaded in the month of April is Pool Nation FX and Child of Light.These games will definitely be a treat for all gaming addicts out there. They will surely enjoy every bit of games offered by Xbox Live. From digging for precious items to craft with to chainsawing Locusts, everything will be a high pace for gamers.Furthermore, on the first week of April, Gears of War Judgement and Terraia will also be among the free games parading the Xbox Live members. On the third week of April, gaming enthusiasts will be delighted with the free downloads of Asassin’s Creed and the Army of Two: The Devil’s Cartel. These two free games seem to be so easy.

Additionally, the game of Child of Light and Pool of Nation is a sure hit for those who are rushing into the gaming centers and stores as soon as they discover the strategy on how to get the Xbox Live free.One thing to keep in mind, is to always check for new releases from Xbox. And be sure to grab all free Xbox games every time the month ends. For the month of March, games such as Rayman Origins, Tomb Raider and Bioshock Infinite are amongst the top choices among avid gamers. Download as many games as you can because you can never have too many free games all at once.On how to get Xbox Live free games, it is made generally easy for everyone by making it available digitally. The free games of Xbox Live can be downloaded straight from your gaming consoles or can also be added to your games collection at any web browser. Gamers who do not have an Xbox 360 or Xbox One, you can still get free games every month.

Xbox Live gamers should not be surprised anymore of what Microsoft has offered free games with no charge. Even if Microsoft is facing a high competition from it’s  competitors, including Steam, Origin, GOG and the like, they still have taken over the top spot an have continually taken advantage of the market.

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