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How To Get Xbox Live Gold For Free

2016-06-13 20:04:37 in Xbox Free Codes Discussions by  admin

For years, many are eager to know how to get Xbox live gold for free. The truth is, there is literally a very easy way to be able to get Xbox Live Gold free of charge. For everybody to know, the Xbox Live Gold costs for about $59.99 for a 12 month subscription. However, because of budgetary constraints, some are having a hard time in availing this gaming subscription. But like any other scenario, there is always a plan B for every situation. There is a way on how to get Xbox Live Gold for free!

Below is one option of making your Xbox gaming a free experience by using the Xbox Gold generator to get Xbox Live Gold for free.

Step 1. Go to Xbox Live Gold Generator download site.

Grab your laptop or go in front of your desktop and open an internet browser.

Step 2. Download Xbox Live Gold Generator.

Once in the website, click the Download button for you to install the XBox Live Gold generator program into your desktop computer.

Step 3. Launch the generator.

After the download of the generator is completed, open it and you will find the two important buttons – Generate and Exit.

Step 4. Generate your unique code.

Once you see the Generate button on the downloaded program, press it and you will find a pool of alphanumeric codes on the text field, just below the Generate and Exit buttons.

Step 5. Get your free code.

Copy the alphanumeric code generated on the text field, from the Xbox Live Gold Generator program.

Step 6. Redeem your free code by opening a new browser.

Open a new internet browser on your desktop computer or laptop. Type in on the address bar and press enter.

Step 7. Access your code.

Press on the Redeem Code button for you to access it. Just move over your mouse cursor to the Xbox Live Gold tab, which can be seen on top of the web page. Hover your mouse onto it and choose Redeem Code from the drop down menu.

Step 8. Submit your code.

On the Redeem Code page, press the Redeem Code. You’ll be then asked to enter the 25 alphanumeric code. Just type in the code you have generated previously on the text field. Be sure that you already have signed in to your Microsoft account to be able to proceed and get Xbox Live Gold for free.

Step 9. Redeem your free gold.

Press the Confirm button and a confirmation message will be shown on your desktop computer. This confirmation is seen to notify you that you have successfully redeemed your Xbox Live Gold code for free.

Step 10. You are ready for an awesome gaming session with Xbox.

The confirmation message is your sign that you are have successfully found a way on how to get Xbox Live Gold for free. So, get your head up and start your quest on the Xbox Live Gold games for free.

free gold

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